Toll Plaza Flyer Distribution

SBS Prints Sdn. Bhd. are pleased to introduce a new channel to publicize your sales & marketing efforts. This take the form of flyer distribution at the relevant toll plazas.
How effective is this?
1. As we all know, flyer distribution is one of the most cost-effective means to disseminate marketing & sales information over a wide geographical area, hence the nick name “carpet bombing” marketing;
2. Distributing your flyers at the toll plaza takes your marketing campaign to another level. Firstly, it is personal. Your flyers are delivered personal, hand-to-hand, to all your potential clients at the respective toll plaza as the queue up to pay their toll. Therefore, the hit rate with your potential customers is practically at 100%;
3. Unlike a typical flyer distribution campaign where the flyers may be restricted to a particular geographic region or location, flyers distributed at a toll plaza travel far & wide as the drivers can originate from anywhere. Thus, this form of flyer distribution is most suitable for marketers looking at a state-wide or nation-wide marketing solutions;
4. Because the flyers are distributed in a hand-to-hand manner, there is practically no wastage of your flyers;
5. Due to the high volume of traffic along these relevant toll roads, up to 10,000 pieces of flyers can be distributed within 2 hours, reaching out to a wide spread of customers across the board. A sustained marketing campaign over a few days could do even more.