Thursday, 19 November 2015

SBS Taiwan Company Trip 2015

Date: 6 - 11 November
​Venue: Taiwan (Taipei, Taichung & Nantou)​

The SBS 2015 Annual Company Trip was held in Taiwan over the duration of 6 days. For SBS, a lot of effort have been put into organizing and making sure that everything goes smoothly as planned as it is an investment in the company's most valuable asset: Its dedicated employees.

SBS believe that its experience and expertise will be very useful and relevant where printing needs are concerned, and the employees have managed to live up to this objective, making SBS the established and trusted company that it is today.

Directors Mr. Wong and Ms. Elaine provided every SBS member with the opportunity to participate in the yearly trip, with Melissa being the designated tour leader. In Taiwan, Ah Bao "阿宝" and Brother Kong "孔哥" were appointed as the tour guide and driver respectively.

Taiwan is a small yet diverse country and its unique culture and delicious local delicacies have made the trip enjoyable and eye-opening for the SBS team. From beautiful skyscrapers to mouthwatering street side treats, Taiwan has offered plenty of excitement for everyone.

The purpose of the trip, besides to have a great time, was to build team spirit and to encourage bonding between colleagues outside of work. Employees have had the opportunity to engage in many interesting activities together as a team, and many pictures have been taken to make the trip to Taiwan an even more memorable one. Throughout the six days, the employees could be their real selves, and this has allowed them to become good friends rather than just workmates.

The SBS team returned to their office safely, with nothing but happiness and many unforgettable experiences. Great people, great work, great memories - SBS is truly a well-formed organization. 

Looking forward to the company trip next year!