Thursday, 29 October 2015

SBS Prints Flyer Distribution Services

SBS Prints Sdn. Bhd. has undergone rapid growth and has emerged as one of the most reputable servicing and distribution provider in Malaysia. Leaded and fueled by a dedicated and experienced team, SBS Prints prides themselves in providing advertising services of the highest quality to ensure overall customer satisfaction.

Included in our flyer distribution service are:
  • Delivery to housing, commercial and factory areas
  • Hand-to-hand distribution at LRT stations, shopping malls, schools, road shows, and exhibitions
  • Distribution at car windscreens
  • Documentation of the distribution process in the form of photographs

Flyers Distribution Quotation (Residential and Commercial Areas):

Quantity (below A4 sizes)Silver*Gold**Platinum***
5,000 to 30,000 pcsRM 0.05 / pcRM 0.07 / pcRM 0.10 / pc
31,000 to 80,000 pcsRM 0.045 / pcRM 0.07 / pcRM 0.10 / pc
Above 80,000 pcsRM 0.04 / pcRM 0.07 / pcRM 0.10 / pc

* Silver package: Attached with flyers of other companies.
** Gold package: For urgent distribution between 24-48 hours. (Dependent of team availability)
*** Platinum package: Distribution of flyers of one unique company only.

Why Choose SBS Prints Flyer Distribution?
  • Certified ISO 9001:2008 standard
  • 9 years of concrete experience in the field for maximum reliability
  • First and only "flyer" company in Malaysia awarded with the Asia Pacific Excellence Brand Award, International Honesty Enterprise Keris Award, and the 21st Century Prestigious Service Quality Award.
  • Distribution process begins within 24 hours
  • Team is leaded by professional full-time working adults
  • Panel distribution company for various esteemed organizations, banks, restaurants, education centers, hypermarkets, and 5000 other satisfied clients.

Our Clients' Satisfaction and Trust is Our Top Priority:
  • Flyers will be reprinted and redistributed in the event that our team members are found wasting/discarding the flyers.
  • Field-checking/spot-checking is possible
  • Flyer distribution jobs are GPS-trackable

For more information about our terms and conditions, click here.
For more information on the services provided by SBS prints, please contact:
Toll Free: 1800-88-1810
Landline:  03-6270 1810