Saturday, 31 October 2015

SBS Halloween Party 2015

Halloween is a celebration associated with the eerie and grim, but at SBS Prints, it is an occasion celebrated with endless laughter and joy. The yearly Halloween party was held on the 26th of October at SBS Print Sdn. Bhd., where employees are treated to delicious lunch bento, snacks, and candies by SBS directors Mr. Wong Chun Mun and Madam Elaine Piah.

SBS office is heartily decorated to suit the theme

Special thanks to Melissa for preparing all the Halloween gifts!

SBS directors treated their employees to KFC, curry puffs, fruits, drinks and snacks for lunch

Shout out to Happy Bento Lunch Box & Food Services for preparing the refinement bento lunch box tailored exclusively for the Halloween party 

SBS employees indulging in the food and drinks provided

The event ended with a happy note.
SBS Prints spreads pleasure and happiness with annual festive celebrations as an effort to bring together its employees, as well as a token of appreciation for all the effort its employees have contributed at work by the directors.

Looking forward to more merry celebrations with SBS Prints!